S1E06 – The Reckoning Xena Warrior Princess

S1E06 – The Reckoning Xena Warrior Princess

Posted by MaryD On: July 8, 2010
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Ares (Kevin Smith) sets a trap for Xena (Lucy Lawless) aimed at returning her to her former life as a ruthless warrior.

SCRIBES & SCROLLS: Written by Peter Allan Fields. Directed by Charles Siebert

PASSING PARADE: Kevin Smith (Ares) Bill Johnson (Benitar) Christopher Mayer (Peranis) Danny Lineham (Grathios) Christian Hodge (Teracles)  Phaedra Hurst (Teresia)  Meryl Main (Areolis’ Widow)  Sam Holland (Teen Son) Ross Harper (Polinios)

DISCLAIMER: No disclaimer

Xena is wrongly arrested for murdering a group of peasants and, while Gabrielle fights in the courtroom to free her, Ares attempts to lure Xena back to the dark side.

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