S1E12 – Beware Of Greeks Bearing Gifts Xena Warrior Princess

S1E12 – Beware Of Greeks Bearing Gifts Xena Warrior Princess

Posted by MaryD On: December 12, 2010
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Xena (Lucy Lawless) is summoned by the beautiful Helen of Troy (Galyn Gorg) to help end the bitter ten-year-long war between the Greeks and the Trojans.

Scribes and Scrolls: Written by Adam Armus and Nora Kay Foster. Directed by T.J. Scott. Edited by Jim Prior.

Passing Parade: Galyn Goerg (Helen), Scott Garrison (Perdicus), Cameron Rhodes (Deiphobus), Warren Carl (Paris), Ken Blackburn (King Menelaus), Adrian Keeling (Miltiades), Aidan MacBride Stewart (Greek Soldier), John Manning (Greek Scout), Matthew Jeffs (Trojan Soldier #1), Peter Ford (Trojan Soldier #2), Geoffrey Knight (Trojan Guard).

Story So Far: Xena helps Helen of Troy end her war with the Greeks. Gabrielle meets her former betrothed, Perdicus.

Disclaimer: No Oversized Polynesian-Style Bamboo Horses were harmed during the production of this motion picture. However, many wicker lawn chairs gave their lives.

Rewind For:

The real reason why the city of Troy fell – it was made from the local stone, which variously consisted of papier-mache and rubber:

Exhibit A: hapless guard with the flaming arrow in his chest falling from a wobbling wall.

Exhibit B: Xena literally bouncing off a large boulder while engaged in the climactic sword fight with Deiphobus.

The funniest sight, and not repeated at any other time in the show to my knowledge is when Xena has a coiled whip slung on one hip and her chakram on the other giving a bizarre impression of Princess Leia�s hairbuns every time she faces the camera.

The winner of the best romantic-novel heroine cheek slap: King Menelaus. Anyone would think he was having an arch, lover’s spat the way he sorts out his subordinate when things go pear-shaped.

Quotable Quotes:

“I wanted to be in a place where people were fighting for love.” As a philosopher, Perdicus makes a great farm boy. The unintentional humour of this corny line did lighten two whole seconds of this episode.

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