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AUSXIP Renee O'Connor Articles




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Please note that most articles are linked up from The AUSXIP Xena Site, which is the "parent" of this page. So don't be alarmed by the change of scenery.



Non Sport Update Magazine March 2007 Let's Relate Dangerously. Rittenhouse Archives developed Dangerous Liaisons as a thematic title illustrating tension-filled relationships among characters within many ongoing story frames. The 72-card base set centers on actor Lucy Lawless' role as the nomadic fighter in her most intriguing personal encounters. Also featured is Xena's cohort Gabrielle, portrayed by Renee O'Connor.



People Magazine 25 December 2006 Little Blossoms A Rose by any other name might smell as sweet, but stars plucked lots of flowery monikers for their babies. Iris O'Connor - Renee's little bundle of joy is featured!


The Star Scoop - May 2005 - Reneé O'Connor - one of the most fabulous talents you'll ever catch is best known for her role as spunky Gabrielle on Xena: Warrior Princess. With new roles on the way and a short film in the Sundance Film Festival, her fans are finally getting a chance to see this gem of a star really shine! We talked with the incredibly sweet Reneé about her career and so much more! Interview

Woman's Day - 7 February 2005 - To and 'Fro. - Coverage of the Xena Con

NZ New Idea - 5 February 2005 - Party Princess - The warrior princess emerged in a skimpy bikini and a black afro wig, closely followed by Renee O"Conner, who played her sidekick Gabrielle on the show.

The Park Record - 28 January 2005 - Single mom faces deployment. Short film examines the human cost of war

Mercury News - 24 January 2005 "One Weekend a Month" shows Meg (played by Renee O'Connor of "Xena: Warrior Princess") making a series of increasingly desperate phone calls to try to find someone to take care of her children while she's at war. With increasingly long National Guard deployments in Iraq, this under-documented problem has become a looming crisis in the military's ranks. Escobar's film powerfully illuminates the problem.

The Park Record - 29 January 2005: 2005 Sundance Film Festival Winners The Shorts Jury awarded Honorable Mentions in Short Filmmaking to ONE WEEKEND A MONTH; RYAN (Canada), SMALL TOWN SECRETS,TAMA TU (New Zealand) and VICTORIA PARA CHINO. 

The Tuscon Citizen 13 January 2005 “Elektra” leads a resurgence of female superheroes, giving women someone to cheer for. Xena Excerpt: Surely, nobody has forgotten Xena and her close pal Gabrielle. Plans are still afoot in L.A. to bring Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Conner to the big screen in the same roles they made famous on television. Every pop culture analyst and movie reviewer (including me) will be eager to see what changes have been wrought in the relationship between these two since the mid-1990s.




Sci Fi Magazine - December 2004 TOP 10 Fantasy TV Series and Top 10 Fantasy Women  - Lucy (Xena) is ranked #1 and Renee (Gabrielle is ranked #4) Added scans from NonSport Magazine - September 2004 - scans of the new Xena Art Trading Cards

Added additional cards and information from scifihobby.com newsletter about the Xena Art & Images Trading Cards

SciFi Hobby News - 24 September 2004 - Xena Art & Images Trading Cards Girlfriends Magazine - August 2004 - Interview with Lucy and Renee about Life After Xena - Transcript and scans by Gova - The Stars of the cult hit reflect on their characters' lesbian appeal and answer the question: could the Warrior Princess kick Buffy the Vampire Slayer's ass?

Renee interview in the latest issue of Dreamwatch Magazine issue #119 - The Way of the Warrior - where she talks about her life after Xena, her family, her upcoming movie Alien Apocalpyse and the chances of Xena movie and why she's not fussed about whether a Xena movie is made or not.

Serial Magazine - 23-29 February 2004 (Russian magazine). In Russian but the article is mainly images and they speak for themselves <g>


Non Sport Update - December 2003/January 2004 - Quotable Xena Trading Cards

Now Magazine - 1 May 2003 - Butch Xena, Lots of Subtext In Season One - review of the Region 1 Season 1 Xena DVD.

Scans & translation from French Magazine "Lesbia" - April 2003 - Let's watch TV. Explores the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle



New Idea 30 June 2001 - Scan of Renee and Steve at the MTR Event screening of A Friend In Need

Salon Magazine - 12 June 2001 - From A to Xena - Those about to have their series finale, we salute you.

TV Zone - #142 June 2001 - She lived by the sword and ultimately she dies by the sword. Xena Warrior Princess has been a constant staple of cult television for the past 6 years. Lucy Lawless and Renee O'connor discuss the WARRIOR'S FATE

The Hollywood Reporter - 31 May 2001 - Farewell Xena Issue The Hollywood Reporter - January 2000 Issue celebrating 100 episodes of Xena Warrior Princess with interviews and adverts from Lucy, Renee and the rest of the cast, staff and those associated with the show



TV Guide - US Renee in TV Guide - 29 July 2000 

FHM Magazine - May 2000 - Renee O'Connor

The Hollywood Reporter - January 2000 Issue celebrating 100 episode of Xena Warrior Princess with interviews and adverts from Lucy, Renee and the rest of the cast, staff and those associated with the show

Danish TV Magazine Her & Nu about Renee - 10 August 2000

New York Times 22 February 2000 interview with Renee O'Connor San Antonia Express-News 10 January 2000 Interview with Renee O'Connor Quad City Times Interview with ROC and Lucy - 12 March 2000



Official Xena Magazine #2 - December 1999 "Hot Gossip" Interview with Renee O'Connor

8 Days Magazine - Renee O'Connor - November 1999

XPose Special Year Book - December 1999 Renee O'Connor

Fresh Magazine - 1999 - Renee O'Connor Fact File

Heroic Sacrifice Starlog 268 - ROC Interview - November 1999

Renee O'Connor:The Little Princess from US  FHM Magazine - November 1999

FHM Magazine - November 1999 - Renee O'Connor Interview + scans

FHM September 1999 Renee As you have never seen her before! - Advert for upcoming issue

Emmy Magazine - August 1999 - Article on Renee O'Connor

Curve Magazine - August 1999 Issue - Article on Renee

MakeUp Artist Magazine - April 1999

Cult Times #40 - January 1999 - Article on Renee O'Connor

Official Xena Magazine #1 Deja Vu For the First Time - Interview with Renee O'Connor from the Official Xena Magazine - November 1999 - Issue #1

Angel Gabrielle - Interview with Renee O'Connor from The Official Xena Magazine - November 1999 - Issue #1

Official Xena Magazine (Titan) - First Issue - Advert for the magazine plus cover

SFX Magazine April 1999 - Photo of ROC as one of the sexiest women in SF

TV & Satellite Week 31 July 1999 - 6 August 1999

SciFi-TV Magazine - July 1999 - Renee O'Connor TrosKompas (number 7, February 13 - 19, 1999 - translated from the Dutch (Renee O'Connor)

XPose Special Year Book 1999- Renee O'Connor

The Sunday Telegraph - coverage of Lucy and Renee at the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras! - 28 February 1999 Sunday News - March 1999 - Renee goes to Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras amid Hindu protests over The Way Xena Swaps Sword for Chic - The Daily Telegraph - Feb 1999 (Mardi Gras with Lucy & Renee)


Seventeen Magazine - November 1998 - Article on ROC's fitness workout

New Weekly (Australia) - 1 June 1998 - Article on Renee O'Connor

Danish TV Magazine Her & Nu about Renee

Cult Times - August 1998 Gabrielle: Bard Attitude

Hitkrant #45 - November 7, 1998 - Translated from Dutch - The two tough gals from Xena: Warrior Princess highlighted

Australian Rolling Stone Magazine October 1998- second article - Across the Xenaverse - October 1998

TV Week - 9 - 14 November 1998 - Scan of Renee as Gabrielle and brief article

Who Weekly - 31 August 1998 - Renee O'Connor article

National Enquirer - 14 July 1998 - TV's First Gay Superhero! Xena and Gabrielle are more than just pals

The Evening Post (NZ) - A Princess's Best Friend - 18 May 1998 Minneapolis Star Tribune - Xena's friend Gabrielle surprises Renee O'Connor - 11 April 1998 The Press (New Zealand) - Sidekick Transformed 2 October 1998 New Zealand Herald - 18 June 1998 - Warrior princess Xena¹s sidekick Gabrielle talks to Frances Grant about life beyond the forest. Going Kiwi - Article on Renee O'Connor from Newsday - 25 July



Lesbiana - November 97 Issue - Article about Renee O'Connor

AP Newswire 12-10-97 - Xena Sidekick Has Fans of Her Own (Renee O'Connor)

SciFi Universe September 1997 Actress Renee O'Connor. "How can you have a show about two strong woman with practically an all male executive { group and have the women be so intelligent?" asks Renee O'Connor, who plays Gabrielle on the fantasy television series Xena: Warrior Princess....

Houston Chronicle TV Guide - 2 August 1998 - Article on Renee

People Magazine - July 28, 1997 - DOUBLE JEOPARDY - Article on Renee O'Connor

TV Guide Letters for Lucy and Renee

TV Guide - 22 June 1998 - Article on Renee O'Connor

TV Guide - Xena's Sidekick - date unknown

TV Week - July 25, 1998 - In Xena's Shadow - Renee O'Connor

TrosKompas (number 7, February 13 - 19, 1999 - translated from the Dutch (Renee O'Connor)

UpBeat Online Magazine 'Xena' Star Renee O'Connor— Deeply Soulful And Subtly Engaging

Who Weekly - 31 August 1998

Woman's Day (NZ) - 15 March 1999 - Lucy and Renee at the Mardi Gras

XPose #42 - 10 Things You Didn't Know About Renee O'Connor

8 Days Magazine - Renee O'Connor - November 1999

RIOT August 1997 Hercules and Xena: The Battle For Mount Olympus Preview The Hercules movie that everyone's been waiting for is not the one playing in theaters this Summer. Universal Studios' new animated Hercules and Xena movie, coming hot on the heels of the highly successful live-action television series, will premier soon in its direct-to-video release this Fall. Featuring the voices of the series' stars, including Kevin (Hercules) Sorbo, Lucy Lawless, Renee O'Connor...