AmazonMine made a wonderful presentation for the Burbank Con's Charity Breakfast as a tribute to Renee's One Weekend a Month short film.

She was kind enough to go along with my request and wrote up how the idea and the creation of this case came along. Those who couldn't attend the breakfast will now have the chance to see and read about this amazing and unique item.


"It actually all started from an attempt to draw a tryptic piece from OWAM, obviously inspired by Renee's performance in the film, to potentially auction off at Bardcon (not that I had anyone's permission for that). However, it wasn't finished in time.

Since I have had no training in art, it is pretty much trial and error for me. A couple of the images that I picked just weren't turning out the way I wanted them to, so I concentrated on that one specific drawing and decided to make a shadow box out of it.

The intent of the piece was to honor Renee, her performance in the film as well as the soldiers who put their lives on the line every day to protect us. I knew the film was about the chaos and conflict the war brings to this one woman's life, but I didn't want to concentrate on that.

The images I chose, including the drawing, were where I tried to portray the emotion of the film..."Meg's" dilemma, her grief. I included a yellow ribbon in support for our troops.

I searched every craft store in my area for paper and scrapbooking items that were military related. I could not find anything that had the logo for the National Guard, so I created a version of my own (in the lower right hand corner).

To top it all off, I special ordered a pair of military dog tags stamped with Meg McDermott and some fictional info. They came in on the last possible day for me to mail the box to Burbank in time for the convention.

Every year at the convention, I usually bid on a few items for charity. This year, I knew that I didn't have the liquid funds to do that, so I wanted to submit something (hopefully) unique to be put up for auction.

I hoped and prayed that I could get it to someone who could get it signed by Renee, knowing that would be more of a draw. Much to my surprise, they also had Lucy sign it - and it was SO sweet what she wrote.

The entire project was a project of love inspired by and in honor of Renee. Surprisingly, it was a little difficult to part with. For me, the best part of it all, more than being a small part of earning some money for charity, was what the piece meant to the person who bid on it. Her words will stay with me always."


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