Mickey Mouse Club Movie

Teen Angel

Role: Nancy Nichols

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After waiting 30 years, fledgling angel Buzz Gunderson finally gets his first assignment. The one-time biker is assigned as the guardian angel to Dennis Mullen, a teenager who is enamored with the lifestyle of the '50s. Buzz needs to create a miracle to become afull angel, but it looks like he will have a tough time succeeding, for Dennis refuses to believe he is an angel. Renee is Dennis's girlfriend Nancy.

Cast: Adam Biesk (Dennis Mullen), Jason Priestley (Buzz Gunderson), Renee O'Connor (Nancy Nichols), Sasha Jenson (Jason), Shano Palovich (Waitress), Don Champlin (Mr. Peters), Wendy Kravitz (Sheila), George Gray III (Rick), Ria Pavia (Joan), Rene L. Moreno (Wayne), Caroline Gilshian (Carolyn), Leslie Stevens (Girl in Mini), Doug Cotner (Mr. Mullen), Paul Mancuso (Greg), Marian Gibson (Mrs. Gilroy), Tony DeBruno (Dr. Schoenkopf), Miranda Kent (Pammy), Kim Christianson (Barbie), Leslie Wright (Judy), Kathryn Geith (Old Hag), Andy Hill (Coach), Mark Wilson (Mr. Rhoades), Kenneth Bridges (Mr. Nichols), Dave Adams (Man in Car), Jean Fowler (Mrs. Mullen).


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Renee is interviewed after the movie along with her co-stars.

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