15 September 1997

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Renee is interviewd on Vibe about Xena and she demonstrates her fighting skills and also dances with the rest of the guests. Renee also reveals she wrote a Gabrielle rap song and performs it for the first time. See below for the words, video clip and audio.

Renee talks about her trip to Mt Kilimanjaro with her mum. Click here to read the article that was edited by Renee about her trip

Video & Audio


Renee talks about Xena & her trip with her mom to Mt Kilimanjaro - Clip 1

Renee does the Porky Dance, sings The Gabrielle Rap and Demonstrates a Gab stunt - Clip 2

Renee Dances with guests - Clip #3

Renee performing the "Xena Rap" which she wrote during Season 1



Renee screencaptures


The Gabrielle Rap
Written and Performed by Renee O'Connor


"Hear Renee Perform the Gabrielle Rap" - written and performed by Renee O'Connor

There's a six-foot woman
And her name is Xena
You can bet you've never
Met nobody meaner!

She wears a lot of leather
Armor made of brass
If she flips in your directon
You can bet she'll kick your ass!

'My best friend,' I call her
It's a gift I'll always know
With her I fight the baddies
And hope the peace remains aglow.