Renee Interviewed Live on FilmNut

12 December 2007

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Screencaptures by MaryD

This was a real super interview - the interviewer was knowledgable and did his homework which is absolutely fantastic. Renee was informative, gorgeous and thoughtful (as always). The interview went into some depth about Diamonds and Guns and how the whole process began and ended.

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Renee O’Connor post show blog

Tonight was a special night for a few reasons… It was the last episode of 2007 for Filmnut. I was able to interview Renee O’Connor whose work I appreciate and respect. And the interview itself kicked ass! I think we broke some live stream numbers as far as viewers and we plan to do a big push with this show so the archive numbers I’m sure will be great as well!

Fans of O’Connor’s told me how nice and gracious she is in person and they are spot on. She was up for talking about anything and we covered a lot.

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