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AUSXIP Intertviews Renee O'Connor
- 15 December 2011 - Read The Interview


AUSXIP Interviews Renee O'Connor
- April 2008 - Full Interview       


AUSXIP Interviews Renee O'Connor
- April 2007 - Full Interview      

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Latest Renee News

New Renee PR Photos
Posted on: 11 June 2021

Renee has uploaded new PR photos on IMDb and they look spectacular!…

That Time Xena Was Directed by Anson Williams From Happy Days - Den of Geek
Posted on: 7 June 2021

Here's an interesting article from Den of Geek about one of my favourite episode "Remember Nothing" - Season 2, Episode 2 - and my montage of the episode can be found here - those were the days when 500 x 500 pixels were normal...ah memories! Not like today...what we…

Autographed Xena Book Wings My Way!
Posted on: 31 May 2021

I got a seriously cool surprise today. I received the Xena book (aka my beloved baby) with messages and autographs from my favourite people - no, not the actors but the family I found in this fandom. My family stretches from the UK, the US and Canada - how…

Creation Reschedules Salute to Xena Convention for December 2021
Posted on: 6 March 2021

The following is from Creation Entertainment and the Salute to Xena Convention (originally slated to be the 25th Anniversary convention). Creation has rescheduled the convention once again due to COVID. NOW AVAILABLE! All admission passes, autographs, photo ops and more are back on sale for The Salute to Xena Convention…

Message from Renee About Her 50th Birthday
Posted on: 18 February 2021

Message from Renee about her 50th birthday from her Official Instagram account If this is what 50 years around the sun feels like, I accept, and I have been primed to ride out to the next series of adventures. Thank you ALL for the continuing wave of loving and joyful…

Happy Birthday to Renee!
Posted on: 15 February 2021

AUSXIP wishes the INCREDIBLE and SUPER TALENTED #ReneeOConnor a HUGE Happy Birthday! Actress Writer, Director, Producer.…

Creation Entertainment's Salute to Xena Convention Rescheduled For December 3-5, 2021!
Posted on: 3 February 2021

The Salute to Xena Convention was originally scheduled for August 2020 and then rescheduled to April 2021 has been rescheduled once again. See the message from Creation Entertainment about the new date of December 3-5, 2021 and if you can't make it, there is provision for your tickets to be…

Screenrant: Xena & Hercules Timeline Explained: When The Shows Take Place
Posted on: 31 January 2021

Looking back at the Hercules television series starring Kevin Sorbo, and its spin-off Xena: Warrior Princess, it is difficult to pin down just when the shows were set. This is due to the Xenaverse (as the show's setting is commonly known) drawing off a number of historical and mythological sources.…

Message from Renee on Upcoming Podcast and Her Classes
Posted on: 27 January 2021

Renee has updated her site to include the following news on her official site January 24, 2021 Hello Friends, I will be pushing back the Shakespeare monologue class, and the Sanford Meisner Technique class, for at least six months, as I focus on producing and editing. I am producing a…

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Latest Renee Videos

Renee Interviewed by Syfy’s Katie Wilson Xena Marathon 23 April 2020
Posted on: 25th April 2020

Renee Interviewed by Syfy’s Katie Wilson Xena Marathon 23 April 2020

Renee was interviewed as part of the epic Syfy Xena Marathon which is happening every Thursday. It’s an extensive almost thirty minute interview. Video by Lori Boyles and edited by MaryD.

Xena Marathon Video: Renee and Lucy About “Been There Done That”
Posted on: 18th April 2020

Xena Marathon Video: Renee and Lucy About “Been There Done That”

Renee and Lucy talk about the episode “Been There Done That” during the Xena Marathon on April 16, 2020

Katie Wilson from Syfy Interviews Renee and Lucy About Xena Marathon
Posted on: 16th April 2020

Katie Wilson from Syfy Interviews Renee and Lucy About Xena Marathon

Syfy’s Katie Wilson interviewed Renee and Lucy about the 25th Anniversary and how it impacted their lives plus the Xena Throwback Marathon

Renee O’Connor Interview On Instagram Live About A Question of Faith April 12, 2020
Posted on: 12th April 2020

Renee O’Connor Interview On Instagram Live About A Question of Faith April 12, 2020

Renee was interviewed on Instagram Live (a 24 minute interview) with Angela White, the producer of A Question of Faith movie. The movie was released three years ago but on April 12, 2020 (Easter Sunday) it was released on Lifetime. Renee talks about the movie but also briefly talks about Lucy and the upcoming Xena […]

SyFy Xena Marathon: The Girls Are Back!
Posted on: 10th April 2020

SyFy Xena Marathon: The Girls Are Back!

Syfy is holding their mega Xena Marathon with Lucy and Renee hosting the event! It starts on 16 April so if you are in the US, you are in for a treat! Go here to watch online: Here’s a promo video (Lori was quick off the mark with this one!)

5 Ways To… Celebrity Skate!
Posted on: 22nd March 2020

5 Ways To… Celebrity Skate!

New 5 Ways To… Video from Renee Andy Pinion and I are dusting off the “5 Ways to…” to provide some quarantine fun…

Learning Lady Macbeth Lines
Posted on: 29th September 2019

Learning Lady Macbeth Lines

Macbeth by The House of Bards Theatre Company October 11th through November 3rd Tickets available at @grandannex Performance dates at @houseofbardstheatreco

Macbeth Promo: Out Damn Spot!
Posted on: 29th September 2019

Macbeth Promo: Out Damn Spot!

October is going to be Macbeth month… Here’s some promos that Renee has been releasing!

Renee and Her Son Miles Talk About Romeo & Juliet
Posted on: 20th February 2018

Renee and Her Son Miles Talk About Romeo & Juliet

Renee and her son Miles on Facebook Live to talk about the Southern Shakespeare Company’s production of Romeo and Juliet! Renee will be starring at the Nurse and her son will be Romeo.    

Watch The Sky Trailer
Posted on: 20th January 2018

Watch The Sky Trailer

In an effort to capture amateur video of outer space, two young brothers unexpectedly find themselves in harm’s way, when an innocent science experiment becomes a day filled with unearthly events threatening their sleepy coastal town.

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