Submerged Art Gallery Event - Renee's Artwork on Display

July 11, 2005


Renee at the Submerged Art Gallery - fans turned out to support Renee in her artistic endeavors. She sold her artwork and had her Lucy portrait on display but wasn't selling it. Katherine Fugate was there to lend her support as well as the fans.

Renee's painting sold for $3500 to a wonderful generous Xena fan. Awesome!
Way to go Renee and congratulations to the generous Xena fan.

A good time was had by all :)

Renee also signed some cards advertising the event and also a whole bunch of
pictures were taken.



Photos from this event


Date: Saturday, July 11, 7pm - 11pm, Submerged Art Gallery

Report by Dan


I just got back from the art show in Hollywood where Renee was present and sold one of her paintings. I got there a few minutes before the exhibit opened and waited outside with several other Xena fans.

Just before the art show opened, Renee came over to us and handed each of us a card advertising the art show and she autographed each card!

Renee is as beautiful in real life as she is when she plays Gabrielle! Renee autographed several pictures I brought and let me take pictures of us together. Then we all went inside to see the paintings.

Renee had 2 paints on display. One was for sale and the other wasn't. The painting that was for sale sold soon after the opening.

The painting that wasn't for sale was a portrait Renee did of Lucy. Later, I offered to pay Renee the same amount of money that the other painting sold for. Renee said, thanks, but she's not ready to part with that painting yet.

I found Renee to be a kind, beautiful woman that enjoyed signing autographs and being among her fans. No matter who you are or what you look like, Renee would talk to you and treat you with respect. Thru Renee's eyes, we are all equal.

Meeting Renee, getting her autograph and being able to talk to her was a wonderful, fun experince.

God bless her!!!

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